Securing is a strategic move for industry giants like Meta/Ray-Ban or Apple Vision Pro Glasses. This premium domain positions your brand at the forefront of the smart glasses market, ensuring top-tier visibility and authority. Alternatively, a savvy disruptive investor could leverage this domain to revolutionize the industry and capture significant market share. In the […]
In an exciting development for the domain industry, GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest and most trusted domain registrars, has officially become a reseller of domains. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both GoDaddy and, paving the way for increased visibility and accessibility of domains. A massive shoutout to the […]
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“In todays’ global IT ecosystem, it is crucial that your domain reflects an international presence. There is no doubt, that will become Global.” We asked ChatGPT, and its response confirmed our belief in this TLD. Global IT firms are increasingly launching and securing their brands on the new TLD. 💪 (International Women Association – […]
In the digital landscape where every click counts, securing the right domain name is akin to claiming prime real estate in a bustling metropolis. Enter exact match domains (EMDs) – a strategic asset coveted by businesses worldwide for their unrivaled benefits and distinct advantages. Fit: The name needs to match the business. One of the […]
Introduction: In the dynamic world of digital investments, domain names emerge as one of the most stable and lucrative options. Unlike volatile cryptocurrencies, domain names offer a proven path to wealth accumulation, business establishment, and global partnerships. This thesis explores why investing in domain names is a smart choice in the digital asset realm, highlighting […]