In an exciting development for the domain industry, GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest and most trusted domain registrars, has officially become a reseller of domains. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both GoDaddy and, paving the way for increased visibility and accessibility of domains. A massive shoutout to the Domains team for this outstanding accomplishment! This shows that the sky’s the limit. A true revolution for the domain industry!

What This Means for IT Professionals and Businesses

  1. Enhanced Accessibility: With GoDaddy’s extensive reach and customer base, domains are now more accessible than ever. Businesses and IT professionals can easily secure premium IT-related domains through a platform they already trust.
  2. Increased Trust and Credibility: GoDaddy’s decision to resell domains underscores the value and potential of this specialized TLD. domains are recognized for their relevance and prestige in the IT sector, offering an added layer of credibility to businesses that use them.
  3. Streamlined Purchasing Process: Customers can now purchase domains using GoDaddy’s user-friendly interface. This integration simplifies the domain acquisition process, allowing for seamless transactions and management of domains within the GoDaddy ecosystem.

Why is the Next Big Thing in IT

  • Specialized TLD for IT Professionals: is dedicated to the IT sector, making it a perfect fit for businesses, startups, and professionals in the industry.
  • Premium Domain Availability: offers a range of premium domains that are highly relevant and sought after in the IT field.
  • SEO Benefits: Domains under are highly optimized for search engines, offering a significant advantage in terms of visibility and search rankings.

Major Highlights of

  • Trusted Partnerships: has been a Diamond Partner at major industry events like NamesCon and CloudFest, demonstrating its commitment to the domain community.
  • Strong Market Presence: The IT keyword receives 450,000 monthly searches in the US alone, highlighting the immense market potential for domains.
  • Core Zone Trust: Being part of the .com core zone ensures trust, authority, security, and link facility, making domains a reliable choice for IT businesses.


The collaboration between GoDaddy and signifies a transformative moment for the domain industry. By becoming a reseller, GoDaddy is not only expanding its portfolio but also providing IT professionals and businesses with unparalleled opportunities to secure premium IT domains. This partnership is set to drive the future of digital identity in the IT sector, offering robust, reliable, and highly relevant domain options for a global audience.

For more information, visit GoDaddy or explore the collection at SmartDomain.Name.

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