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    The .VIP TLD has had a huge success not so long ago in 2017.

    A record of $2.8M in sales from premium .vip domains.

    Source – sold for ¥700,000 (about $100,667) in 2016.

    Source –

    The .VIP made it on the Top 10 sold domains.

    Source –

    Not forgetting the premium which sold for $1.4M which confirms the authority and exclusivity of the word VIP.

    Source –

    For sale a Global RE luxury domain.

    Domain Details:


    TLD: .VIP (Perfect for showcasing exclusivity)

    Relevance: Seamlessly complements your brand
    Impression: Projects an elite and upscale image
    Memorability: Easily remembered, enhancing user engagement
    Marketability: Highly marketable for real estate, luxury property, and high-end living

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