The .VIP TLD has had a huge success not so long ago in 2017.

    A record of $2.8M in sales from premium .vip domains.

    Source – https://lnkd.in/dyPSa9gX

    i.vip sold for ¥700,000 (about $100,667) in 2016.

    Source –https://lnkd.in/d-jDBwtV

    The .VIP made it on the Top 10 sold domains.

    Source – https://lnkd.in/d5XeEPVM

    Not forgetting the premium VIP.com which sold for $1.4M which confirms the authority and exclusivity of the word VIP.

    Source – https://lnkd.in/dV2McBgv

    For sale a Global RE luxury domain.

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    TLD: .VIP (Perfect for showcasing exclusivity)

    Relevance: Seamlessly complements your brand
    Impression: Projects an elite and upscale image
    Memorability: Easily remembered, enhancing user engagement
    Marketability: Highly marketable for real estate, luxury property, and high-end living

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  • TheMiddleEast.com

    ???? The one who takes control of “TheMiddleEast.com” on the Internet will command the attention of virtually everyone “Searching Google” for information about “The Middle East” in the Western Hemisphere and the English-speaking world. These individuals can then be directed to the country of their choice, showcased on TheMiddleEast.com.

    Greetings from SellDomain.Name, we are the authorised broker for TheMiddleEast.com, and will be attending https://DomainDays.com in Dubai.

    Lets meet there the VIP boat party will be the place to discuss these amazing domains and deals.

    ???? TheMiddleEast.com ???? is now available for immediate acquisition!

    ???? Asking Price: $3.5 million ????

    ???? Offers will be considered. ????

    The Middle East is undergoing a digital revolution, and the momentum is unstoppable. ????

    ???? Check out this insightful Forbes article about the digital transformation in the Middle East:
    ???? https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2023/04/17/digital-transformation-in-the-middle-east-challenges-and-opportunities/amp/

    Acquiring TheMiddleEast.com and asserting control over the digital realm in this region is a monumental opportunity. Recognize that “TheMiddleEast.com” is a truly “priceless” piece of Digital Intellectual Property, and it’s a solid investment in every sense.

    ???? TheMiddleEast.com unlocks the Western Hemisphere for one fortunate, forward-thinking company. The American audience often lacks comprehensive knowledge about individual Middle Eastern countries. When they turn to Google for information, they simply type “Middle East.” By acquiring “TheMiddleEast.com” and establishing a web presence, your organization will tap into a vast new consumer base, numbering in the millions!

    ???? TheMiddleEast.com is a “Famous Global Recognizable Brand”, comparable in prestige to iconic trademarked names like Coca-Cola or Microsoft. In these companies’ balance sheets, the worth of their “Famous Brand Trade Name” is valued in the billions of dollars under “INTANGIBLE ASSETS.” The same principle holds true for the illustrious global brand “TheMiddleEast.com.”

    ???? TheMiddleEast.com will eventually find its place on corporate balance sheets, and its value will astonish many. As an example, consider the domain name “Cars (.com),” valued at over $700.0 million dollars on its balance sheet.

    ????”TheMiddleEast.com” is already a FAMOUS GLOBAL BRAND , surpassing the present asking price of just $3.5 million by far.

    We believe, given that the domain “China.com” was sold for $11.7 million, that our “.com” domain name is of equal value and worth at least between $5.0 to $10.0 million. However, presently, we are offering the domain well below its value at only $3.5 million. (This valuation might change soon).

    It’s all about “The Name”!

    ???? TheMiddleEast.com is a “Digital Trophy Asset” ????, a prized piece of Digital Intellectual Property known across the globe!

    ???? The price will rise to $5.0 million+ in 2024. ????

    Do not let this go to your competitors.

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