“In todays’ global IT ecosystem, it is crucial that your domain reflects an international presence. There is no doubt, that IT.com will become Global.”

We asked ChatGPT, and its response confirmed our belief in this TLD.

Global IT firms are increasingly launching and securing their brands on the new .it.com TLD.

💪 http://IWA.it.com (International Women Association – Female Digital Leaders)

👊 http://Code.it.com

🤞 http://Jobs.it.com

👏 http://Tools.it.com

👍 http://Dream.it.com

Why we so bullish on .IT.com?

🌐.IT.com is on the .com core zone = Trust, Authority as a Domain and Link facility

🔎[Keywords + .IT.com] = Versatile + works perfectly as EMDs = Exact Match Domains great for SEO – there is a strong believe that they will rank well on the SERPs.

🎯Plus, the IT keyword on its own gets 450,000 monthly searches (HUGE traffic) and is the most bought subdomain and keyword.

🚀Simply possessing a premium keyword rich .It.com grants you significant authority to communicate your message clearly within your niche.

Part of our collection are the premium IT.com domains:

WEBHOSTING.IT.COM *** Available for a 10 year rental lease only WEBDEVELOPMENT.IT.COM

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“In the ever-evolving landscape of digital presence and branding, the significance of a domain name cannot be overstated.”

We understand that .com reigns supreme! Some are fetching hundreds of thousands, and even tens or hundreds of millions for their niche relevance. However, let’s confront the truth: Verisign controls millions of premium .com domains, alongside early domain investors. The likelihood of acquiring a premium .com without substantial investment is close to zero.

Today, we delve into the realm of IT.com – a domain extension that not only signifies the essence of Information Technology but also carries with it the promise of a digital future. 

Imagine a specialized TLD for the IT sector digital space where innovation, connectivity, and transformation converge. This is precisely what IT.com embodies. It’s more than just a domain extension; it’s a gateway to a world where technology shapes our lives and propels businesses forward.

Before delving into securing your brand’s intellectual property, consider these crucial reasons:

  1. brand protection
  2. owning your own .it.com domain for your niche
  3. the global appealing and reach
  4. plus the SEO / Lead Generating benefits from targeted traffic 

This is paramount, especially considering your significant presence within this dynamic IT industry. 

When considering why IT.com matters, one must acknowledge its unique features and potential.

    1. .IT.com is on the .com core zone, ensuring trust, authority, and linkability.

    1. The IT keyword gets 450,000 monthly searches, it is also in the Top 3 keyword brought with domains.

    1. Keywords paired with .IT.com create versatile Exact Match Domains, ideal for SEO and ranking well on SERPs. The authority alone of owning domains like Apps.IT.com, Solutions.IT.com, Services.IT.com, and WebHosting.IT.com communicates niche clarity and targeted messaging.

Now, let’s explore why IT.com matters and why the time to embrace IT is now.

1. Industry Relevance: Domains like BaaS.IT.com, DaaS.IT.com, PaaS.IT.com, IaaS.IT.com, Database.IT.com, HiTech.IT.com, HealthTech.IT.comHealthcare.IT.comRecruitment.IT.com and WebHosting.it.com seamlessly align with the core of the Information Technology sector. They represent the essence of IT innovation and expertise in various IT niche and sectors.

2. Market Value: Premium domains like MachineLearning.IT.com, Humamoids.IT.com, ArtificialIntelligence.IT.com, BlockchainTechnology.IT.com, and QuantumComputing.IT.com are investments in the future of technology, securing your place at the forefront of digital innovation.

3. Global Recognition: Websites like IWA.IT.com, Dream.IT.com, Code.IT.com, Jobs.IT.com and Tools.it.com exemplify the global recognition and acceptance of IT.com as a trusted domain extension.

4. Future Success Ahead: Domains like MobileApps.IT.com, Robots.IT.com, NFTs.IT.com, and WebDevelopment.IT.com are success stories waiting to be written. By securing such premium domains, you position yourself for success in the digital realm.

5. Diverse Portfolio: Our extensive collection a small but curated selection of premium 3L / abbreviations of popular IT tools. From AGI.IT.com, BPO.IT.com, CPU.IT.com, CRM.IT.com, ERP.IT.com, GPU.IT.com, GPS.IT.com, ICT.IT.com, to 4L / popular IT names such as eCom.IT.com, eShop.IT.com, eStore.IT.com, iStore.It.com, EndPoint.IT.com, WebSolutions.IT.com, WebSecurity.IT.com, WebDevelopment.IT.com, WiFi.IT.com, and beyond, our portfolio boasts domains that redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for digital presence.

Asked ChatGPT – already picked up 6 out 10, so went for the last 4, 10/10 is better right?

Each domain represents a unique opportunity to establish your brand’s presence in the digital landscape.

When will this digital revolution happen for you?

The answer lies in your decision to seize the opportunity now.

Our collection of premium IT.com domains, available at SmartDomain.Name, presents a gateway to this digital future.

From Adwords.IT.com (1.8M monthly searches), Analytics.IT.com, Applications.IT.com, Automation.IT.com, ARVR.IT.com, Atom.IT.com, Automate.IT.com, Integrate.IT.com, StreamLine.IT.com, Forward.IT.com, Innovations.IT.com, Networks.IT.com, Ventures.IT.com, our portfolio boasts domains that redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for digital presence. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, our domains offer the perfect platform to showcase your expertise and establish your brand in the digital landscape.

Visit our website SmartDomain.Name to explore our extensive collection of IT.com domains and secure your place in the digital future.

For further insights into the realm of IT.com and digital branding, make sure to visit Get.IT.com/Blog and explore the interview with their CEO, Andrey Insarov highlighting his valuable contributions and visionary perspective.

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Together, let’s redefine the future of technology and establish your brand as a leader in the digital realm. 

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